Use of Information and Ideas

Students entering college and the workplace need to know not only how to find information, but how to analyze that information to determine its authority and relevance.  Navigating the modern information economy requires more than just traditional literacy.  Students need to be able to engage with a variety of texts – fiction and nonfiction, print and media – and find and responsibly use information.  As a librarian, I create an environment in which students not only have access to resources and information-finding tools, but where they learn the fundamentals of academic integrity, engage with literature and indulge their curiosity!

Efficient and Ethical Information-Seeking Behavior

In my Information Policy class at Syracuse University, I studied the factors that influence information use, including ownership, fair use and accessibility.  For an assignment on lobbying groups, my group focused on the Web Accessibility Initiative, which gave me a deeper understanding of the implications of technology for the differently-abled.

Click here to view my paper and annotated bibliography on the Web Accessibility Initiative as a PDF

Literacy and Reading

I’m not above looking a little silly…

As a passionate reader myself, I’ve experienced the potential of literature to change lives.  Using literature and storytelling in library instruction provides a fun and non-threatening way for students to grow their comprehension skills, absorb content knowledge, experience other perspectives and develop a passion for learning.

I love using fiction to engage students in new concepts.  During my elementary practicum, I combined “I’m a Shark!” by Bob Shea with several nonfiction books about sharks.  The students enjoyed telling me which parts of the story were realistic and which parts were fiction.  After the lesson, the library was out of shark books for weeks!

Click here to view a video of me in action!

Access to Information

My classes and internships have given me experience in developing finding aids for students, including bibliographies, pathfinders and themed displays.

Display for Hispanic Heritage Month at ESM

My reference services class culminated with a pathfinder assignment.  I used the opportunity not only to learn how to create a pathfinder, but also to survey the available resources for teen services.  It wound up being a wonderful dual learning opportunity!

Click here to view my pathfinder Teen Advisory Groups: Taking Teen Involvement in the Public Library to the Next Level as a PDF

In both classes and internship experiences, I have been asked to evaluate resources for student use.  In my course on the organization and access of information resources, the final project was to review an information-retrieval system, with an eye for how its organization impacted use by the intended user.  I learned inside and out, and gained great experience in critically evaluating an information product!

Click here to view my evaluation of


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