Teaching and Learning

Librarians occupy a unique role in schools – we are able to teach skills which span the curriculum, draw connections between disparate content areas and follow students for an extended portion of their academic careers.  A good library media specialist can add value to all aspects of student life, from collaborating to create great research units to enriching leisure time with a well-selected collection.  I strive to help students build frameworks for understanding by scaffolding instruction and presenting information in multiple formats, providing one-on-one support and showing students how information literacy skills apply to their lives.

Knowledge of Learners and Learning

My classes gave me a strong background in using student-driven teaching models.  I believe that harnessing the power of inquiry and curiosity is incredibly powerful for student learning.  A course on motivating learners gave me the opportunity to look more closely at Experiential Learning Theory.

Click here to view my paper on Experiential Learning Theory as a PDF

Effective and Knowledgeable Teacher

Although I’ve worked one-on-one with kids at the public library for years, I was terrified of working with full classes!  Teaching during my practica was a tremendous learning experience, and I’m happy to say that my confidence has increased!

Click here to view my collaborative unit plan on storytelling

Click here to view the first session of this lesson!

For a course on managing school libraries, I was required to create a Classroom Management Plan.  This assignment allowed me to think about all of the ways that the library environment and instruction impact student learning, and prepared me to develop a tailored plan for my own library.

Click here to view my Classroom Management Plan

Information Literacy Curriculum

During my fieldwork at Pine Grove Middle School, I helped students work through the Big 6 research process.  I put together a poster to help remind the students of the steps from understanding the research question to gathering information to self-evaluation.

I worked with Sue Kowalski to develop a Powerpoint that students could use to walk themselves through the research process.  I ultimately adapted this into the Information Literacy Overlay during my internship at ESM High School.

Click here to view the Information Literacy Overlay


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