Program Administration

Part of what I love so much about school librarianship is that I am responsible for all aspects of the library program.  I get to envision the library as a cohesive collection of facilities, services and resources, then bring that vision to life!  No two days are ever the same, as I am always reevaluating the program and finding new ways to make it more effective, more engaging and more comprehensive.

Managing Information Resources: Selecting, Organizing, Using

Maintaining a set of resources to support an educational community is a huge responsibility!  My work and internships have given me the chance to develop my ability to select appropriate books and databases, organize collections for maximum accessibility and remove outdated materials.  In my final school media course, I drew on all of that experience as I worked with a group to write a collection development policy.

Click here to view my Collection Development Policy

Managing Program Resources: Human, Financial, Physical

My primary project during my internship at ESM Central High School was creating an interactive, web-based scavenger hunt to introduce students to the library.  The project took several months and involved problem solving at each step to work within the school’s technological capabilities.  I ultimately wrote the content of the program, wrote the HTML code for the website, developed a plan for implementation, secured free web hosting, wrote a maintenance manual for the site and taught the first few classes of students who used it.  The program was a hit – students loved running around with laptops, getting a crash course in library resources!

Click here to view the SPARtanTrek website

Click here to view the SPARtanTrek lesson plan

At the Fayetteville Free Library, I co-manage the FFL Bookstore, our ongoing book sale fundraiser.  Under my leadership, we have completely reimagined how the library uses the resources donated by our community.  I have worked extensively to grow the sale display, recruit and train volunteers, develop an inventory system and plan and execute sales events.  In the first six months, revenue from the Bookstore more than doubled!

Comprehensive and Collaborative Strategic Planning and Assessment

My other major project at the Fayetteville Free Library is the Teen Space.  I assist the Director of Teen Services with programming, the collection and particularly space planning.  We wanted to completely reinvent the library’s facilities for teens.  I chose this as the topic for my semester-long Planning, Marketing and Assessment project so that my team and I could analyze the community, research other libraries and develop a plan and timeline.  The Director of Teen Services and I are now in the process of implementing the project!

Click here to view our completed Planning, Marketing and Assessment document!


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