Collaboration and Leadership

Connection with the Library Community

Growth as a library professional is critical to my mission.  I love that every day brings new challenges and opportunities.  In order for me to have the greatest impact on my school, I feel it is necessary to be active in the organizations and forums where new ideas and best practices are debated.  To that end, I maintain membership in the following professional organizations:

American Library Association

New York Library Association

Central New York School Librarians

American Association of School Librarians

Young Adult Library Services Association

Instructional Partner

We all know that two heads are better than one, and that collaborative instruction supports content learning while imparting the higher-order skills students need.  Syracuse’s program emphasizes the importance of collaboration, both in the classroom and throughout the school community.
In Spring of 2011, I completed fieldwork at Pine Grove Middle School, and took a technology class that required me to collaborate with a teacher or librarian to develop a technological solution to a real-life need.  The library was gearing up for Bookapalooza, its community book read, and we had discovered that there was no audio version of the chosen book.  I worked with library staff, a classmate and a large group of students to coordinate and create a web-based audio presentation of Notes From the Dog.

Educational Leader

One reason that this career is so appealing to me is that I will have the opportunity to develop school-wide programs to promote literacy and build a community around the library.  For my Literacy in School Libraries class, I was assigned to work with a group to develop a project plan for a large event.  Having completed this project, I feel confident in my ability to execute such an event, and having seen the amazing programs that other librarians are implementing, I’m excited to get started!

Click here to view the project plan for Race Around the World!


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