I always have crazy conflicting feelings when things end.  And usually they are the opposite of what they “should” be.

I am usually not sad about leaving a situation, even a good one.  Change invigorates me, and I enjoy the feeling of transition and fresh starts.

What does make me sad is the realization of all the plans that will never be completed.  I am wrapping up my time at the elementary school and in the office, and I am having to make choices about what I can and cannot accomplish before I leave for the last time.

The past few weeks have shown just how much work had to be done in my library, and honestly the experience has made me feel better about what I accomplished over the past two years.  I walked into a bad situation, with a mountain of work to overcome.  I’m handing the library over to someone new, and at least the mountain is gone.  

Wrapping this up will be healthy for me.  I am moving on to a much more positive place.  I will be in a high school, in a supportive district, with a fantastic and innovative library department.  There will be possibilities.

Summer will be challenging, but hopefully fun and positive.  I am getting ready to get married, packing up to move back to my hometown, teaching lots of PD courses, training for two triathlons and preparing for my new job.  I am ready to refresh my brain, leave behind the struggles of the past two years, and get excited about teaching again.  


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