Day 13

Whoops – missed a week!

Not a whole lot has happened worth reporting, just an average week.  I started the last kindergarten class on the computers and I’m very glad that I waited with them – I don’t believe they were mature enough when the other classes started.  They did very well in their first hands on week.  I worked through some kinks with the third grade booktalk lesson, which required them to download a file into their network drives.  While that’s not a library skill, precisely, it is an important concept, so we spent a couple of weeks talking about what network drives are and how to make sure you’re saving into them.

First graders are about to start performing their Elephant and Piggie stories – I’m hoping to have some great videos to share from that!  Second graders completed an assessment of the unit they’ve been doing for months…and bombed it.  Just absolutely awful.  I’ve reviewed with two classes so far, and one of them really just didn’t seem to retain anything we’ve learned.  The other class, although they did poorly on the assessment, seemed to understand the concepts just fine.  There’s a big difference in behavior between the two classes, so I suspect the first class was impacted both by being unfamiliar with the format of the assessment and also by the fact that they really didn’t pay attention during the lessons.

I’m attending a seminar on Tuesday, hoping to have lots of brilliant information to share!


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