Day 11

I’ve skipped a few days in this 30 day blogging experiment, but overall I’m pleased with how it’s going.  Even a little more consistency has been beneficial.  Trying to keep it up!

After the horror show of last week, these past three days have been a relief.  The kids seem to have resigned themselves to being back in school.  I had my second observation this morning, so in anticipation of that I spent some more time cleaning the library.  As I noted last week, even small changes in my space seem to have a positive effect on my mood.  I made a point of pulling all of my class files off the shelf and putting them in order by when I see them.  This didn’t technically accomplish anything, but it’s already saved me stress because I can see everything I need for the week in one place.

I may be a bit unusual, as a librarian who struggles with organization.  In some ways I’m ridiculously organized, to the point of obsession.  I maintain a detailed to-do list about six weeks in advance, in addition to my main calendar.  My filing system is very specific, and I keep everything.  But my day to day physical space is always a challenge.  I set goals each day for cleaning or organizing, but I’m thinking that what I really need to do is aim to develop that skill overall.  It’s certainly a broader weakness than I can address just by trying harder.

Today (or yesterday, by this point in the evening) is Ash Wednesday.  I am not Catholic, and I am not involved in an organized religious practice, but I admire the Lenten tradition.  It’s easy to fall into a pattern of wanting everything to be perfect and of wanting to have it all.  Accepting your lot as sufficient by choosing to forego something makes you value what you already have.  I would like to put an emphasis on giving up whining.  It sounds silly, but particularly through this blog I’ve recognized that it’s something I indulge in too often, without reason.  Yes, there are things I wish were different, but my life is great and I should be focusing on what I can do to be better and rise up to the challenges I have.


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