Day 6

Today was a big bag of Nope.

I was warned that the second day back from break would be worse than the first, and it was, if only because I was so tired.  I had a helper in the library during my last class, and she looked at me with genuine concern as the last ones walked out the door.  I was ready to just collapse.

The internet has been sporadic for the past two days, so I’ve mostly scrapped the things I hoped to work on and have been doing some stories and paper based activities.

Currently working on tomorrow’s training.  I love teaching this course, but I’m a little befuddled by a request made by my contact at the school.  He asked if I could start out by showing how I use the tool.  I feel like….that’s what the entire class does.  I’m not sure I understand what he wants.  I can certainly show an example of a project in progress, but I guarantee it won’t make sense to the participants until we’ve worked through the entire training.

Looking forward to getting home tomorrow night, for sure.  Thursday is my BOCES day, so I’ll get a break from the kids and hopefully get ahead on next week’s training and a few special projects.  BOCES days are seriously the best part of my job.  The work that gets done there is so concrete, and the training stuff comes so much more naturally.  If only for that reason, I’m glad this was the position I accepted – without that experience I might still be too scared to think of myself as a trainer.


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