Day 4

Break comes to an end.

I’m already finding blogging every day to be a useful exercise.  Things are moving so incredibly fast that it’s really useful to have concrete markers for where I was mentally.  My attitude about some of the possible changes that are coming has shifted radically in just the past few days.  I’m trying to refrain from making big decisions until I know for sure what the plan is, but I can start to prepare myself where I am now.

We have basically four months of school remaining.  I don’t feel particularly good about what I’ve accomplished this year – I’ve been able to reuse some of the good things we started last year, and I’ve done some good lessons, but overall getting collaboration to happen is slower than I ever imagined, and progress with the kids is way more difficult than I would have hoped.  

Regardless of what happens in my personal life, I have at least four months left to make an impact on my school.  So what can I do to leave the library a better place (possibly for my future self, come fall)?  

1. Complete the book and supply orders.  I met with a vendor in the fall, and I need to weed through what I chose from her (which came out to more than double my overall budget) and combine it with requests from teachers and students.  I’m guessing it’ll take about six hours to firm up my selections.  So I need to find two free evenings that I can schedule myself to stay at school and just get it done.  

2. Formally write up lesson plans that have been successful.  My lessons often evolve as I teach throughout the week, so I’d like to document what worked best and create a repository of finished, polished plans.

3. Complete an inventory.  As far as I can tell, this hasn’t been done since the school switched to its current ILS.  It is a mess.  

4. Do at least one big reading promotion.

5. Get third and fourth graders through a research task – either in collaboration with a teacher, or find a way to do it that isn’t overly burdensome.  I did my own project with those grades last year and it was overwhelming – even though the kids liked it and they got a lot out of it, I really couldn’t give them the attention they needed.  So I need to ponder that.

6. Continue working on the website, make it really rich with resources and get the kids used to using it.

I know there are many more things, but I think that if I don’t accomplish these six, I will really feel like I have failed.  I guess the next step is breaking these down and making them manageable.


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