Day 3ish

Whoops, I missed another one!  Yesterday was so busy that I never sat down at my computer to look at my list, and I never gave it a thought.  

I have had an intensely productive couple of days.  We are closer to making decisions about wedding things like bridesmaids dresses, overall colors, invitations etc.  I’m very happy with the fabric we found, and I feel good about the shop we ended up at.

We initially started at David’s Bridal.  I found a color there that I really liked, as well as a range of colors that I thought might be fun if we didn’t all do the exact same shade.  I attempted to purchase swatches.  The woman behind the desk, who turned out to be the manager, only had two of the five colors we wanted to buy.  I asked if I could place the order and pay for them and have them mailed, and her response was that she would never remember to send them out.  Over the course of asking our questions about how often colors are discontinued (often) and how long it takes to order/alter dresses (long) she listed a number of reasons for why she really couldn’t be all that helpful – the company is reorganizing, they keep changing her hours, she has boxes to unpack.

I was miffed, but I recognized her attitude as something that I’ve found myself falling into.  And I do understand the feeling of being so overwhelmed that even doing the bare minimum requires a monumental effort.  But encountering it in a retail setting drove home how unacceptable it is.  

Even deficiencies can be addressed with grace and smoothed over with customer service.  Rather than trying to make the customer or patron feel sympathy for you, impress them with how you find ways to get around limitations.  To a degree it’s a positive thinking thing, but it’s also a matter of shifting focus from what you are capable of to what the user needs.  If you focus on you, your limitations aren’t going to go away.  But if you focus on what’s needed from you, there will be a million creative ways to get to the goal.

So thank you, unhelpful lady at David’s Bridal.  I will always remember this experience when I feel tempted to excuse myself from achieving a goal.



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