Day 2 – Weighing my options

Short post today, I think.

I put in a few applications for academic positions, both because they each sounded like they would build on the aspects of my current job that I’ve enjoyed the most (working with online learning environments and resources training) and because I am trying to be proactive about a possible location change.

I have very little control over what happens in that department – Matt’s field is much more specialized than mine, and it’s amazing that he has so many possibilities.  I would prefer to stay put for the time being, but I know that it’s not something I can entirely count on, so I’m just putting myself out there.

It has been interesting, trying to move outside of the lingo of K-12.  I’m very glad that I’ve had the opportunity to work as a trainer at BOCES, as that’s where I’ve gotten the majority of my transferable experience in teaching adults, writing training courses and using different digital platforms.  I wrote a CV for the first time, which was also oddly gratifying.  

It’s entirely possible that nothing will come of this.  After all, I don’t have that second masters.  But it’s been a good experience, just to be required to reframe my skills from a different perspective.


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