Day 1

A day late, actually.  

One thing I know about myself that’s been hitting home lately is the fact that I am at my best between 4am and 10:30am.  After that I’m kind of a mess, and if I’m not on track by that point in the day, I’m unlikely to catch up.  

I’m having a good morning – It took me about an hour but I got my email cleaned out and followed up on a number of things that have been haunting me.  I discovered that according to the NYLA website, my membership is in fact paid through the end of next year, so that was a relief.  I am holding off on renewing my ALA membership (even though doing so goes against everything I believe in) because I need to get through the next month or so and see where I am financially.  Hopefully that gap in membership won’t hurt me.

Coincidental to my deciding to commit to blogging every day (starting today – should have been yesterday) I found a 30 day blog improvement plan which I’m going to dabble with.  So hopefully big, good changes – in the blog and in my brain.

Growth Mindset

Last summer I was able to attend the SSL Leadership Institute at Cornell.  While many things about it were enlightening and useful, the moment that’s on my mind at the moment is when the speaker (possible SKJ?) asked us to indicate, fist-to-five, how comfortable we felt with the essential questioning aspect of Common Core.  I saw a lot of zeroes, ones and twos.  

This wasn’t a group of students, or even just a representative sample of librarians.  These were the best, brightest and most committed – those who won scholarships to attend, or who lobbied administrators to send them, or who scraped together the money themselves because they felt it was important to their practice.  To be sure, modesty plays a role, but overall we truly still have a lot to learn as a group.  And that was comforting to me, because so much of the time I feel like I will never keep up with all that there is to know.

I’m lucky in that I’m in a great School Library System and our director keeps us well-informed, and I’m active on LM-Net and professional Facebook groups.  I still think I need to set aside prescribed chunks of time to just sit and review the standards and the modules.  I also think I need to make a point of reading more materials intended for librarians, as opposed to library media specialists, because I feel like my general library skills are getting a little rusty.  



  1. Did your school adopt, adapt or ignore the module from EngageNY? Ours fully adopted. Most library lessons include reinforce content learned from the modules infused with tech, info-lit or research skills. Every week, I look at the modules and plan for current and future lessons for PreK-6. Lots of changes for us 🙂

    Not sure if you have read this article, but a lot of good info about the shift and standards:

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