While I really do believe that reflection is important, I still seem to struggle putting it into a blog format.  I’m sure that anyone reading through these posts must notice that I haven’t quite found my voice yet, and too many of my posts are of the “I’m sorry I haven’t updated, I promise I will from now on, here’s how I’ve been feeling” variety.  

While there is value in how I feel about my work, it can’t be the whole point of this blog.  Ideally, I would like to share what I’m doing, reading and pondering, so that I can engage with some others.  I have the seed of an idea: to create a 30 day blog challenge for librarians.  I think it would be amazingly fun, maybe even something I could do through my local network and then grow outward.  But it would certainly require some brainstorming and generating prompts.

Which all ties into what I’m hoping to do here – blog for 30 days straight, in some way related to libraries, librarianship, youth services, leadership, schools, standards, books, technology etc.  I think that through doing that, I might recover some of the excitement that I know I can feel about this profession.  Writing has always been a way for me to transcend the events of a given day, and to be honest, I could use some transcendence.

Even as I write this I’m having wonderful ideas that must be developed…  This should be interesting.  Stay tuned for Day 1…


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