The Pigeon

I have a student who is now in first grade. Last year, when she would bring her class’ books down to return them, I would always tease her as she walked through the door.

“Hey, what’s in that basket? Is it candy? Is it for me?”

She would always tease back.

“Nooooo! No candy!”

“It’s almost Thanksgiving, is it turkey and gravy?”

“Noooo! No gravy!”

For the rest of the year, that’s how it went. Every day she would come down to the library, she would gleefully announce, “Nooooo turkey and gravy!” and I would whine back “Aww man!”

This morning she did it again. I said, “Hey, it’s almost Thanksgiving again! It’s about time you bring me my turkey!”

Her answer?

“You’re like the pigeon!”

*mind explodes*

We read that book at least a year ago. Not only did she remember it, but she applied the concept to an entirely new situation. Definitely one of my favorite moments of this job.


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