I think at some point I made a list of goals for the summer that included updating this blog far more often.  The way the summer has gone though, there’s been little time for any of my personal goals.

Quite a lot has changed!  I moved to Canajoharie so that I could keep my current job and so Matt could take a position  in Saratoga Springs.  So far that’s all been positive (aside from forgetting things in Syracuse and having to drive back and forth).  But it ate up a good portion of the summer.  I spent the second half of June and the first week of July packing and driving back and forth with carloads.  

I just finished two weeks of intense trainings.  Prepping for one two-hour training per week was challenging, prepping for three five-hour trainings in a week was bonkers.  Even though I had taught the trainings before, I had no idea how it would work to expand them so much.  As it turned out, it worked very well.  I taught nearly the same material, but gave a lot more individual time to explore.  Some people wandered off and started chatting or checking email, but the people who used the time said they got a lot out of it.  If I did it again I would hopefully have Brainhoney set up so I could give them tasks that they’d have to submit, and I might even introduce a tool like Diigo or for them to gather resources into.  

I have a meeting next week to talk about fall trainings – obviously there will be the usual BOCES products, but I’d like to find ways to tweak them and use them in different contexts.  I also want to expand my web 2.0 classes.  People love the classes on Twitter, Pinterest, Google etc., and I really like teaching them.  Need to do some research to figure out what’s up and coming.  I am thinking about doing at least a webinar with a focus on social bookmarking.

Notice I haven’t talked about kids?  I haven’t been thinking about kids.  I honestly do not want to go back to the school in the fall.  I am certain of that.  But I will, and I will deal with it.  Next year could be an improvement, as I should have an aide, and more technology stuff will fall into my curriculum.  But I’m fairly certain that I will not be doing elementary forever, or even for more than a few years.  I had intended to spend time at the school this summer (I haven’t even wrapped up my end of year list because I assumed I would be there so much) but moving prevented me from getting in, and now it turns out that my building key is missing so even if I had tried…

In any case, I can’t be too upset about how the summer has been going.  I’ve managed to stay reasonably fit – with some periods of slack but not too terrible.  I’ve done good work for BOCES, although not as much as I would like.  I still have the Common Core resources project to work on, so I’m thinking that and maybe some research into whole brain learning and classroom management will be my focus for the rest of summer.  But frankly, today is my first true day off, and I intend to sit.


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