Summer Goals

April break is nearing its end, and I’m shocked at how quickly it has gone.  I had big plans for the break – grading student work, writing lesson plans, cleaning my apartment, spending a quiet day at work cleaning and organizing.  As always though, simple things take longer than expected.  That does not mean that this hasn’t been a productive break, though.

The most important thing I’ve done this week is take the time to care for myself.  I’ve been exercising, cooking, and eating slowly.  My takeaway: it takes a long time!  An hour or two at the gym is what it is, but when you’re always on the run you don’t realize just how much time you have to carve out to be able to cook and eat.  A healthy meal, like a bowl of berries, nuts and yogurt, or a salad, takes me far longer to eat than a sandwich or pizza.  Can I make the time to keep this up?

I also allowed myself to indulge in my favorite hobby – making pysanky.  I did a short unit on these with the kids over the past two weeks using Rechenka’s Eggs, but the eggs that I demonstrated for classes were very simple.  I ended up sitting down Friday night and doing a very complicated design.  It felt great to focus like that.

Aside from exercise and food and crafts, I spent the weekend attending first an honor society induction for a friend, then a War of 1812 Symposium that my boyfriend spoke at.  During the week I cleaned at home and finally got my issues with Verizon resolved.  It’s amazing how much the business of living can expand to fill any amount of time.

With this break nearly behind me, I’m thinking ahead of how I will use my summer.  I will be teaching at BOCES, but other than that I have no real obligations.  I’m signed up for two triathlons, so fitness goals will probably structure my days.  I’m attending a leadership institute in August.  I’m thinking about buying a plane ticket to Belize to visit a friend.  That’s one of those things that I want to do, and I have the money, I’m just scared to do something so spontaneous.  

Of course with that much time, my brain wants me to set some crazy ambitious work goals.  I have a few that I think are realistic.  

  • Finish reading the Harry Wong book
  • Develop a more concrete classroom management plan and incentive system
  • Keep up with the blogs in my WordPress reader
  • Write a curriculum for next year
  • Get the website up and running

Is that enough?  I’m not sure.  But I think each of those things could make next year a lot easier and more productive.


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