It’s the little things

I haven’t even thought about this blog in some weeks.  Life is hectic, and always changing.  Classes are still tough, but I’ve had a few good ones, and Renee and I won an award!  We’ll be presenting our Spar(tan) Trek project at NYLA, which is pretty sweet.

What moved me to post this particular evening though, was a realization.  On Mondays, I read to BOCES students.  These students are almost entirely nonverbal, and for the first several weeks, I couldn’t seem to connect with them while reading.  I wasn’t seeing any response from them, and I felt sort of enclosed within myself.  Last week, at the last second, I decided to read Pete the Cat to them, which involves singing. 

I don’t sing in front of people – like ever.  But I love that book, and I didn’t have time to talk myself out of it.  I was shocked to see the kids actually smiling and rocking along to the rhythm of the song!  This week I sang Iza Trapani’s version of the Itsy Bitsy Spider and got a tremendous response.  It made me want to sing even more.  It was something that the singing seemed to draw the kids out, but it surprised me how much they’re drawing me out.  Given that I initially feared never being able to connect with them, it’s really wonderful that they’re coming to be one of my favorite classes.


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