Quick update

I think today was my first “good” day at work. That is to say that I got a ton accomplished, was able to indulge my creative impulses and all my classes went well. Day 3 is my easy day, with only three classes and a storytime, which gives me room to breathe and actually do some librarian stuff.

My morning kicked off with a long visit from Debbie. I had my lesson plans mostly ready to go, so I was able to do some other small tasks before starting the AM routine of cafe supervision, checkins, overdues and shelving. I had used the long weekend to finally make some displays that I was really excited about, so before my classes came in I was not only able to get those up, but do nearly all of the shelving that’s been backing up for a month. My classes went well – and my principal came in to watch during a story that the kids were especially good for. My mentor meeting went well, and I got positive feedback about several ideas I’ve been kicking around – just need to find time to implement them!

I came home starving, had some dinner and watched tv for two hours. Now I feel guilty for wasting time! Is this normal?


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