I am now almost 2 weeks into my career as a school librarian.  I feel as though I’m off to a slow start, but I’m managing to get through lessons without kids crying or revolting.  The first week was devoted to library rules and sharing a few stories, week 2 is split between our first book checkouts and Book Fair, and next week will be the real test.

It was very hard to imagine what being in a school library would really be like, and I was very nervous trying to think about what I wanted to teach the kids.  Now that I’m doing it, I’m finding that it is sort of self-explanatory.  You get them through a week or two, and you start to be able to see what they need.  Talking to teachers will be another piece entirely, but even without collaboration at first I can do things to make sure the students are building their skills.

As with any life change, the new job and other personal changes are forcing me to consider what I want to be.  It’s why I tend to like life changes (as much as I initially resist them, once they’re initiated I see the bright side).  It’s funny the things that pop up when you suddenly have a little more space to choose things for yourself.  I went to an English country dance, something I’ve wanted to do for years.  I’m thinking about taking up fiddle/mandolin/banjo again.  I might change cities.  I’m going to travel to Belize and swim with sea turtles.  And one way or another I’m going to figure out a way to load my kayak by myself.

Now’s not a great time for me to be picking up hobbies – school keeps me far too busy – but there’s something wonderful about being a little more fluid in your sense of self.  It’s a great time to wander into a library and pull a book off the shelf and think, “Yeah, this could be a little part of me”.

I have some ideas about how I’d like my future to play out.  There will be cats.  I’ll eventually be a good school librarian.  I’ll continue to be an average triathlete.  There will be bluegrass music, and camping, and yoga.  I like that I could change my mind about any of those things at any time.  Maybe this means I’m finally a grown up.  Maybe it means I get to be like a child, but with more self-knowledge.  I see potential for good things to happen.


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