I am scared of weeding.

Before I left Fayetteville, my boss told me that you shouldn’t weed anything during your first year (ideally you would weed with a solid understanding of your community).  Despite that, I intended to mostly eliminate my library’s collection of VHS tapes.  There are great digital resources available, the films themselves are dated and VCRs can’t be hooked up to the LCD screens most teachers are using, so I felt pretty confident.  My plan was to box the tapes, label them so they could still be found if requested and make them available for teachers’ classroom libraries.  

I was in the beginning stages of boxing the tapes and reclaiming the precious shelf space for professional materials when two teachers came in.  Since teachers are the ones using the collection, I asked for their input.  They both seemed to think that the videos get a lot of use.  This stopped me short.  Thinking it would be better to be safe than sorry, I stopped boxing and ran a circulation report…and found that only 25 out of 335 videos had circulated in the past five years, and never more than twice.

So I’m at a bit of a standstill!  Can I suppose that my stats are accurate?  Or should I assume that past librarians loaned videos to teachers in a casual “bring it back later” way?  It’s a very good example of why checking things out is useful for statistics as well as for security.  I will have the opportunity to speak at the faculty meeting next week, so I’m hoping to get an assessment of if and how much the tapes are being used.  

Otherwise I had a busy day of cleaning, sorting processing supplies, greeting a few new students who came in to tour the school and repairing Stealthy the T-Rex.  Stealthy had some issues.  One of his thigh bones was on backwards, and his other thigh bone was connecting his arms to his chest.  Happily, he is repaired and is now the centerpiece of a display of dinosaur books.  


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