One last thought on the job hunt – timeframes

Starting out, it was difficult to get information on when to expect to have to be available for interviews.  I was lucky enough to have a very flexible job situation and the vacation that I stressed about scheduling ended up just dodging the onslaught of interviews.  

My experience was that you should start looking for school media jobs in February and March, but don’t expect to find much early on.  I had one first interview at the end of May, none in June, six first interviews in July and one in August.  I’ve also had three requests for interviews since I accepted my position, including one just yesterday – August 24th.  So even when it seems like all the positions are being snapped up and you’re getting nothing but silence from all those applications, trust that some schools are just taking their time.

I found that unfortunately many schools were very inflexible about interview slots.  They call you with a date and a time and sometimes if you can’t make it, you’re out of consideration.  (Certain districts were wonderfully accommodating; just don’t expect it.)

So what’s the takeaway?  Don’t get discouraged early.  Some schools start hiring much earlier than others.  But be prepared to be available primarily in July and August, and have a draft of your resume ready to go before the start of your final semester.


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