I just changed my e-mail signature to reflect my degree.  My Master’s degree.  Wow.

I suppose the reality of it hasn’t hit me; it probably won’t until my first day in my own school library.  Now that my degree is complete, I really feel like I’m starting from scratch.  I’m no longer at the pinnacle of a momentous journey – I feel very brand new.

It is a really weird feeling to have finally achieved the thing that I’ve been working for over the past four and a half years.    Now I get to regroup and make some new goals.  At least one of them will be to catch up on the professional reading that’s been piling up while I finished projects for school.  Another will be to reclaim some space in my life for cooking and exercise.  My physical self needs some TLC after the past two years.

My first day as a graduate of Syracuse University was spent at jury duty.  I was called in November – they allowed me to postpone it by six months so that it wouldn’t interrupt my practicum.  Six months from my initial summons landed today – exactly one day after graduation.  I was so scared that I would be picked for a lengthy trial that would compromise my job search, book sale preparations – everything.  But thankfully I spent the day sitting, listening to a friendly and helpful woman named Maureen explain the process, and observing the interview process for the jurors that were ultimately picked.  My number was the first of about 30 called to the first case, but they picked a pool of 13, and were able to select the final 6 from that pool, so the rest of us were dismissed.  So it was the best case scenario – I got a taste of the juror experience, but I’ve fulfilled my obligation for the next 8 years.  I’m much relieved that I can move on and concentrate on my own projects.


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