Librarians on Wheels

I received an e-mail this morning about a week long unconference in which library professionals bike around 600 kilometers and attend professional sessions along the way.  Basically this sounds like the best thing ever – one of my five year goals is to participate in a long bike tour or race, and to combine it with library people (the best company ever!) would only sweeten the deal.  What’s the catch?

(There is a clue in the previous paragraph!)

Yeah, it’s in Europe.  Starts in Lithuania actually.  It’s certainly something I would love to plan a trip around someday though.

But, the idea got me thinking – why couldn’t we do the same thing here, especially in New York?  We have access to the Erie Canal, which aside from being historic and beautiful would overall make the trip a lot safer.  We have fantastic regional library councils statewide that could probably coordinate a variety of events.  And because of the way the state developed with the canal, there are an awful lot of libraries within range.  Maybe we start in Buffalo and end in Albany for lobby day?

I’ve never attempted to organize anything of this magnitude, but I’d sure love to try.  I’ll be gathering resources and assessing interest over the next few months.  If you want to participate by assisting with planning, hosting or presenting, coordinating lodging or just riding along, send me an e-mail!  I’ll maintain a list and see what happens!


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