what a contrast

Today was one of those weird collision course kind of days – jam packed schedule from start to finish, and some things just had to give.

Unfortunately one of those was the first meeting of Library in the Library.  I was literally on my way there when I got a text from Sarah saying that she was on campus and free to work on our presentation.  It was a tough choice but I decided to be responsible.  I still thing LITL will be great for me, as the get-together last Wednesday was extremely productive, but I regret having had to skip it today.  I do think that surrounding myself with people like Meg will be the key to getting me beyond the boundaries of what I’ve imagined for myself.

On the other hand, archives calls to my lesser self.  Seriously.  I was actually contemplating how well my art/framing background would transition into conservation – I’d get to do all the fun stuff and hang out in the basement with the nerds and never have to deal with people!  Archives has always been sort of my secret curiosity.  Had I not come to SU and been locked into the school media track, I might have taken a few electives in archives to try it out.  But the thing is, I came back to school because I felt no sense of meaning in framing (however satisfying the creative side was) and because I felt that I would never be compelled to grow if I stayed in a production/retail environment.  Getting out of my own head is a big part of this process, and as tempting as it is to just drop all the learning styles and motivational profiles and state standards that I’ve been grappling with and go back to Filmoplast and acid-free adhesives, I know that it would defeat the purpose of my being here.

Library in the Library represents where I want to be: a member of a community, and a practitioner of a living profession.  Archives might be fantastically fun, and maybe even a better fit to my innate personality, but I really think it’s just not where I’m supposed to be.


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