Annoying whiny post

Is grad school kicking anyone else’s ass?

It seems like everyone is way ahead of me on work.  I understood that trying to balance three classes and a job would be a challenge, and I was excited about it.  And in most ways I think it’s been good for me – it’s pushing my boundaries and forcing me to be tough.  I’m becoming more outgoing and on average happier more of the time than I was before.  And I’m getting more real library experience and opportunities to take on real, meaningful projects.

But I do feel like I’m falling behind on schoolwork, and given that I’ve already cut out things like cooking, cleaning and sleep I worry about catching up.  I worry about not having good enough ideas to be valuable to my employer.  I worry about being so frazzled that I can’t take good care of my turtles.  I worry about my landlord freaking out at the dishes in the sink. 

I want this to be an immersive, enriching experience in all things libraries, but I’m struggling to balance doing “enough” on that front and doing the bare minimum to keep the rest of my life running.

I guess maybe this would be better suited to the Scared/nervous/anxious board, but it’s how I’m feeling and I don’t feel the need to be anonymous.  Anyone else feel this way?  Any suggestions?


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  1. Friend, I hear you on this. The whole reason I've been spamming our facebook group is because I want to feel like a "Grad Student". I never feel like I'm doing enough work, and when I do sit down stuff, I still feel like I'm too distracted. We just have to stick to it, and do it at our own pace. Everyone learns and works differently. As much as I try to improve, I'm still not great at doing things early. But as long as I know I'm not ACTUALLY behind (feeling behind is different), than it'll be okay.I don't think this really helped, haha. I just want you to know you're not alone in this, and you'll be okay!

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