I met the coolest kid in the world today.  More on her in a second…

I observed a first grade library lesson as part of a course requirement.  I’ve sat in on library classes for a variety of ages, but never any so young.  It’s no secret that I’m not particularly comfortable with little kids, so I went in as neutral as possible, ready to observe.  I was kind of surprised at how interested the kids were in me.  One girl walked through the door, stopped dead in her tracks when she saw me and went, “WHOA.  Who are you?”  Several others got really excited when Jane explained that I was studying to be a librarian like her. 

The lesson itself was really instructional for me.  Jane has a great presentation style, and had a lot of tricks for keeping 20 wiggly six year olds engaged.  It was actually reassuring to hear that she felt that this had been her most challenging session so far this year. 

The highlight for me came after the actual lesson though.  This little girl came up to me and started showing me her book, which happened to be about snakes.  After we admired all the snakes in that book, she put it away and came back with a field guide on reptiles.  Score!  She asked me to sit with her, so we went through the book and pointed out different kinds of snakes, lizards and turtles.  I was thinking, of all the children and all the books in the universe, how did this kid know to come to me with a book about reptiles? 

Anyway, I had fun.   Hopefully she keeps up the reptile love. 


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